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Select your vehicle’s information to quickly locate the quality Goodyear brake components for your car, truck or SUV.
Select your vehicle’s information to quickly locate the quality Goodyear brake components for your car, truck or SUV.

Brake Rotors Material Types

Resources Brake rotors are manufactured from many different materials, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Steel Brake Rotors Rotors made from steel are thinner and weigh less than cast iron rotors. They have excellent stopping ability and hold up well under overheating conditions. Common in drag racing vehicles where low weight is desirable, they cost … Read more

Brake Rotors Replacement Cost

Resources Manufacturers make brake rotors for specific vehicle models, trim levels, and year. Without all the details plus the vehicle’s mileage, it’s hard to estimate the cost of replacing the rotors in your car or truck. Let’s look at what you can expect. Because it’s unusual to replace a rotor in at least the first … Read more

Summer Vacation Road Trip? Check Your Brakes Before You Go

Summer Road Trip

A summer weekend is the perfect time to hop into your car and go on that road trip you’ve been waiting for. But when you’re heading out for some fun in the sun, it’s best to make sure your vehicle is prepared, particularly if it has been sitting in the garage for the winter months. … Read more

Goodyear Brakes Introduces Expanded Offering of Premium Rotors


FDP Virginia Inc., which develops and sells Goodyear Brakes, announced today that it is introducing 89 new parts numbers to its line of premium rotors.  The new additions add over 344 unique year, make, model applications totaling over 59 million U.S. vehicles in operation The comprehensive line of Goodyear Brakes, a licensee of the Goodyear … Read more

Can You Change Brake Rotors Yourself

Resources Many people change the brakes on their car or truck these days. It’s a common do-it-yourself (DIY) automotive repair. You can find a lot of information about how to replace brake pads, brake calipers, and brake rotors for almost any vehicle. For rotors, some can be difficult to remove and replace, but many are … Read more

How Brake Rotors Stop a Vehicle

Resources Brake rotors (also called discs) are one of the three critical components needed to stop a vehicle. The rotor works with the brake caliper and brake pads to create friction against the wheels and tires, slowing them down. Transforming Energy According to physics, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. The process of stopping a … Read more

Brake Rotors | Brake Discs History

Resources Brake discs or rotors came into wide use by American car manufacturers in the mid-1970s. However, as with other automotive innovations, the brake rotor is much older. The first mechanical brake disc system arrived in 1898. It was fitted to the front wheel of an American electric vehicle built by Elmer Ambrose Cleveland. Fredrick … Read more